Value Added Entertainment

Add value to a guest's stay by offering film entertainment outside the room. This gives guests a reason to stay on-site and take advantage of food, beverage and other services you may offer. Capture the attention of guests by showing movies…

  • In the lobby as guests arrive. This creates a comfortable and relaxed setting to put guests at ease. Choose films that relate to events happening in your city (show a baseball movie if your city's baseball team is playing) or films that are relevant to the season (like holiday films).
  • In the bar or restaurant. Give guests that are traveling alone a reason to come out of their room and into the bar or restaurant. This encourages them not only to mingle with others but to partake in any food or beverage services you may have.
  • Family Movie Events. Offer families traveling with young children additional entertainment outside the room. Setup a kid-friendly area where parents can bring children to watch a movie. Presenting alternative entertainment options is an easy way to make guests' stay that much more enjoyable.

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"We show movies to provide another form of entertainment for the kids and families."

-Westin La Cantera, San Antonio, TX